Re: [ldm-users] A little help with pqact.conf and the RUC model

Gilbert, I see a message on the nws-changes mailing list which I received yesterday. Maybe you can find some help at the referenced web page:

Subject: Soliciting Public Comments through December 12, 2011,
          on the removal of some obsolete RUC model output

The National Centers for Environmental Prediction (NCEP) will be
replacing the Rapid Update Cycle (RUC) model with the Rapid
Refresh (RAP) in early 2012.  Please see NWS TIN 11-36
announcing the intent to make this change. Based on NCEPs
current knowledge of RUC user requirements, NCEP is trying to
continue providing all pertinent output products from the RAP
now produced from the RUC. In the interest of making the best
use of resources across the enterprise, NWS is proposing to
remove several obsolete RUC products when the transition to the
RAP occurs. Details are given below about the products slated
for removal. NWS is seeking comments on this proposed change
through December 12, 2011.
A web page providing additional details of these changes,
including a link to the list of new stations, can be found
online at:


On 11/9/11 11:58 PM, Gilbert Sebenste wrote:
Hello everyone,

So, I've used this pqact entry for years to capture the RUC model
from NOAAport:

# File raw GRIB messages corresponding to RUC model on the Q (211) grid.
HRS ^[YZ].Q... KWB. ([0-3][0-9])([0-2][0-9]).*/mRUC
FILE hrs/ruc/\2(\1:mm)\1(\1:yy).gbr

But as announced today, these headers and products will go away.
So, question for those more into the modeling aspect than I am:
What are the headers for the 13 km equivalent on the NGRID feed?
I checked GEMPAK's pqact file, Google, nothing. Someone has to be
smarter than google on here. :-)


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