Re: [ldm-users] Yes, CME's do affect satellite reception

On Tue, 25 Oct 2011, Wojtowicz, David P Jr wrote:

I'm just giving you a hard time.


Several years ago, I'd be worried about the fiber too, but in the past couple years, (knock on wood) our campus at least, has gotten sufficient redundancy built into its connections with the world to stay online during backhoe mishaps (including the one last year that took out over 800 voice pairs of copper ... "Hmmm... that big ol' tree root just won't cut despite hacking away at it for several minutes". )


 It's not to say that outages never happen, but problems at NOAA's end
(or with the LDM server itself) are much more frequent occurrences.
And, of course, most all of the data that's not produced right at the
satellite uplink site travels there via fiber.

But you do what you need to to work around problems at your site.

Yep. Thankfully, in just a few more months, we'll have 3 redundant paths
to our ISP's, and full generator power. About time. Still, I won't give up my NOAAport dish. Because you never, ever know. Thinking about getting my own EMWIN feed when the dust settles from their upgrade.

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