[ldm-users] sasquatch.tamu.edu downtime; TAMU status

Sorry for the short notice but I'm going to take sasquatch.tamu.edu down for a short period to attempt a memory upgrade. This maintenance will occur Friday morning, 21 OCT 2011, between 0800-1200 CDT (1300-1700 UTC).

At this time, I'm getting bids in for an upgrade of the bigbird/sasquatch pair into a cluster of servers running similar to the clustering at Unidata. I hopeto have bids in later this week, and to issue a purchase order within two weeks.

When the new hardware is in, installed, and working, bigbird and sasquatch will serve as back-end collectors. All requests for data will be referred to idd.tamu.edu for service, as this will be the front-end of the cluster.

I'll post more on the change-over as its time approaches.

I do not expect the outage to last more than 4 hours. For that matter, I don't expect it to last more than 15 minutes, but my luck hasn't been stellar of late, so there's a fudge factor plugged in there.

Gerry Creager -- gerry.creager@xxxxxxxx
Texas Mesonet -- AATLT, Texas A&M University
Cell: 979.229.5301 Office: 979.458.4020 FAX: 979.862.3983
Office: 7607 Eastmark Drive, Suite 112, College Station, TX 77840

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