[ldm-users] DATE CHANGE: Re: Weatherx.admin.niu.edu planned outage: Planned power shutdown in my building

On Tue, 4 Oct 2011, Gilbert Sebenste wrote:

Due to electrical work, they're going to shut down my building's
power sometime between 11 PM Thursday through 6 AM Friday CDT
(4Z through 11Z). The following servers will be affected:

Nope, they have been working furiously on a project and they
want it done sooner rather than later. The new day and
time is tomorrow night through early Thursday morning,
roughly from 3Z-11Z Thursday, aka 10 PM CDT Wednesday
through 6 AM CDT Thursday.

weather, weather2, weather3.admin.niu.edu will be down.

Our NOAAport receiver/server and EMWIN LDM feed server
will NOT be affected.

Please make sure you have a backup in your ldmd.conf file,
for those who feed from me.

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