Re: [ldm-users] NOAAport upgrade---the final chapter...further thoughts

Hello everyone,

In the latest NCEP Synergy meeting, under the section "SBN Upgrade",
we read:

/_SBN Upgrade_/

The Satellite Broadcast Network has been expanded. However, the
implementation of new datasets has been delayed.

-Expanded RUC (TBD- likely September): Hourly 13 km RUC out to 18 h
(currently 12 h). See:

-HiRes Window (TBD- likely September): Select fields available from ARW
and NMM cores, east, west, Alaska, and Puerto Rico domains. See:

-NAM Nest (TBD): 2.5 km resolution sensible weather elements to 60 hours

Full link:


Gilbert's note: finally, the KOAX radar is sending out many new
TEST level 3 radar products over the next 4 weeks or so as a TEST of
AWIPS II. One of the products, N0B, is super-res tilt 1, level 3
data. With few returns, the file sizes are ~200K. Things that make
you go hmmm! (Remember, level 3 is a format. Of course you can send
super-res in that format. :-)  I note it's roughly 10x the size
of standard level 3 resolution files. )

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