[ldm-users] NOAAport issues

As they say, don't adjust your TV set. It's not you.
I just included the first part of this TIN,
because the last paragraph says it all.

NOUS41 KWBC 051529

Technical Implementation Notice 11-19, Amended
National Weather Service Headquarters Washington DC
1130 AM EDT Fri Aug 5 2011

To:        Subscribers:
           -Family of Services
           -NOAA Weather Wire Service
           -Emergency Managers Weather Information Network
           Other NWS Partners, Users and Employees

From:      Tim McClung
           Chief, Science Plans Branch
           Office of Science and Technology

Subject:   Amended: Addition of RUC products to NOAAPORT:
           Delayed until further notice.

Amended to delay the implementation date until further notice
due to the need to troubleshoot network issues detected
following the NOAAPORT/SBN expansion.

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