[ldm-users] URGENT: Unplanned outages to weatherx.admin.niu.edu next 3 days

I'm off camping or something, but...

Exelon's power grid in northern Illinois is having a meltdown, along with the 100 degree heat. Furthermore, it looks like we might have another derecho heading our way to start out a monster heat wave (for us, anyway), that, if it holds together, could hit around dawn.

Exelon is now (as of 2Z Wednesday, or 9 PM CDT Tuesday) doing rolling blackouts throughout all of northern Illinois that will affect NIU until further notice, likely through Friday. I can't be there to properly shut down the servers, and the UPS's are only good for 45 minutes. Arrgh. They say the power will be out for one hour when it is our turn to lighten the load.

Make sure you have failovers. I pray I don't have a massive fsck fest to do on my Linux boxes when I get back.

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