Re: [ldm-users] whoa ... no data

In a follow up to this,
for those of us getting the EMWIN stream on EXP
I altered my pqact entry, granted now I get twice as many ADM's
but worth knowing what's happening..

PIPE -strip -close decoders/pns.php


PIPE -strip -close decoders/pns.php

Jeff Lake K8JSL

---- Original Message ----- From: "Gilbert Sebenste" <sebenste@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

On Sun, 10 Jul 2011, Jeff Lake wrote:

Did NOAAport implode ???
only things I'm getting is data not on NOAAport
all void !!!

Yep. Check out the NWSTG web site...that's how we (AllisonHouse) confirmed what exactly the problem was. Naturally, our (and I'm sure your) LDM 6.9.8 was spewing out the message that "Hey! I see no data all of a sudden!". Third time in two weeks they have gone down for about 45 minutes each time. Hmmm. Wonder what's been going on?

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