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Make sure you have ALLOW statements for both hosts in their respective ldmd.conf files. You may have to use the IP address for twister2 instead of the hostname until it's on DNS.

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On Fri, 8 Jul 2011, Phil Birnie wrote:

Hi Everyone,

We are getting ready to upgrade to a new machine and are in the process of 
installing LDM 6.9.8 and have run into a couple of snags.   I apologize if the 
answers to these questions are somewhat elementary.

Right now we have the new machine (Twister2) as the downstream LDM to the 
current machine(Twister); however, we can't seem to send anything to the new 

Our setup is as follows:

                Upstream LDMs for Twister
============ FIREWALL ============
        Twister ( -- LDM v. 6.7.0)
        Twister2 ( -- not active on 
DNS yet -- LDM v. 6.9.8)

I can't even find the LDM logs on Twister2 for some reason (ran 
--enable-logging=local0 when configuring & ldmd.log is empty nor is there any 
info in /var/log/messages), but in Twister's LDM logs I found that Twister2 can 
connect, but we receive the following error (just once per ldmadmin start 


Jul 08 05:41:45 twister[26069] NOTE: Starting Up(6.7.0/6): 
20110708054322.793 TS_ENDT {{ANY,  ".*"}}, 
SIG=0908bdc773bda996582bd23bf9192761, Primary
Jul 08 05:41:45 twister[26069] NOTE: topo: 
{{ANY, (.*)}}
Jul 08 05:43:51 twister[26069] ERROR: Couldn't flush 
connection; nullproc_6() failure to RPC: Unable to receive; 
errno = Connection reset by peer
Jul 08 05:43:51 twister rpc.ldmd[25241] NOTE: child 26069 exited with status 6


[ldm@twister2 ~]$ notifyme -vl - -h
Jul 08 16:02:16 notifyme[27739] NOTE: Starting Up: 
20110708160216.486 TS_ENDT {{ANY,  ".*"}}
Jul 08 16:02:16 notifyme[27739] NOTE: LDM-5 desired product-class: 20110708160216.486 
TS_ENDT {{ANY,  ".*"}}
Jul 08 16:02:16 notifyme[27739] INFO: Resolving to took 0.002285 seconds
Jul 08 16:02:16 notifyme[27739] NOTE: NOTIFYME( OK


[ldm@twister2 ~]$ ldmping
Jul 08 16:03:12 INFO:      State    Elapsed Port   Remote_Host           
Jul 08 16:03:12 INFO: Resolving to 
took 0.00143 seconds
Jul 08 16:03:12 INFO: RESPONDING   0.003019  388
Jul 08 16:03:37 INFO: RESPONDING   0.001562  388
Jul 08 16:04:03 INFO: RESPONDING   0.265208  388

I tried installing the LDM on my home computer and was able to send data from 
Twister (home computer is obviously outside of the firewall)

Any help regarding the logging and/or connection is very much appreciated.  
Thanks for any help in advance -- back to searching the support archives...

-- Phil Birnie
Department of Geography, The Ohio State University

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