[ldm-users] bigbird and sasquatch appear to be back

I believe we're back up after our rather interesting odyssey of the last couple of days. Again, apologies for the inconvenience; it certainly wasn't planned to happen this way.

PLEASE advise of any problems you see with access to these servers. If you don't hear from me promptly, please feel free to call me: My cell is listed below.

Both systems are now located in a different data center, physically co-located with our network exit routers. The systems are on UPS and generator, and are less likely to fall over dead when local power fails.

There is a potential for another outage in the future if I can put these systems on a different network on the campus addressing which, for network-geek reasons is more desirable. IF that occurs, it's probably a month in the future and will be announced well ahead of time.

Gerry Creager -- gerry.creager@xxxxxxxx
Texas Mesonet -- AATLT, Texas A&M University
Cell: 979.229.5301 Office: 979.458.4020 FAX: 979.862.3983
Office: 1700 Research Parkway Ste 160, TAMU, College Station, TX 77843

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