Re: [ldm-users] LDM: Hey, hey, you, you, get onto my cloud

those specs don't tell enough. 

what's the disk speed/IO?
How much memory?
How many CPU cores?

I can build you the same specs as you have listed below on a Tandy 1000 from 

Sounds like they are wanting to spin you up on a VMware host. Nothing wrong 
with that so long as they provision enough horsepower to that image.

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On Jun 16, 2011, at 9:07 AM, Gilbert Sebenste <sebenste@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> 

> Hey everyone,
> So I am trying to be wooed from our campus IT department to get onto their 
> cloud of servers. They say they could put on an any operating system that I 
> want,presuming Centos 6.X when it gets released...and if so, they talk it to 
> the moon:
> Up to 2 TB hard drive space
> 20 gigabit/sec throughput as of this fall to the Internet2/NLR
> 2 gb/sec to commodity Internet
> 24/7 monitoring as of this month
> Now backed up fully by a UPS and a new generator
> 3 sources of A/C from 2 rooftop units
> Mirrored in two different places in town, one
> on campus, one off-campus, and if one is destroyed,
> I can be back up within 20 minutes
> So...has anyone actually done this, and is it worth it? I'm afraid to slam 
> everyone else in my "cloud". Or, is Mick Jagger right, should I stay
> off of this cloud?
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