Re: [ldm-users] [noaaport] dvbs2 vs dvbs

On Sun, 8 May 2011, patrick wrote:

along with what gilbert mentioned...

i've been running both the s200 and s300
split from the dish for about a week and
a half now... so far the overall volumes
seem to be about the same.

They should be, as I believe they are currently

on the errors everyone is noticing, i have
seen them too, though to be fair i am
using the older ldm 6.8.2 since i'm not
fond of the 6.9s yet.

That won't matter. 6.8.X should work fine.
The 6.9.x LDM series is a feature upgrade
compared to 6.8...with a few bugfixes as
well. But I'd still recommend you upgrade...
it offers some nice backup features for you
so you know when the feed goes down.

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