Re: [ldm-users] Corrupted data with the NOAAport DVB-S2 signal, and thoughts on the new broadcast

On Mon, 18 Apr 2011, Gilbert Sebenste wrote:

For those of you who have S-300's and your PID's have been set, here's the commands you'll need to type at the CMCS prompt, after you have logged in:

mode DVB-S2
frequency 1141.85
symbolrate 15.120
isi on
set isi 13

If you haven't set your PID's, then you need to add them. From the cmcs command prompt, type:

add pid 101
add pid 102
add pid 103
add pid 104
add pid 105

Although this is apparently optional, you should also type in:

modcod 2/3 8PSK

That sets the modulation coding. The Novra apparently
finds it automatically, but if you're paranoid, that's what
it should be set at. Note: an 8PSK broadcast is a change the
NWS made. It's harder to receive an 8PSK broadcast reliably...
just ask any Fox TV broadcast engineer here in the U.S.

Anyway, now you should see, when you type "show satellite"
on the CMCS prompt:

CMCS XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX> show satellite
        Satellite Interface Settings:

        Receiver MAC Address:   xx-xx-xx-xx-xx-xx
        Receiver Mode:          DVBS2
        Frequency:              1142.0 MHz
        Symbol Rate:            15.120 Msps
        ModCod:                 2/3 8PSK
        Gold code:              0
        Input Stream Filter:    On
        Input Stream ID:        13

        Signal Lock:            On
        Data Lock:              On
        Uncorrectable Rate:     0/Second
        Packet Error Rate:      0.0000e+00

        Carrier to Noise C/N:   13.9dB
        Signal Strength:        -43 dBm

It didn't help with getting any better reception; the thick low
cloud deck has broken up, allowing for slightly better reception
than what I had this morning.

Having said all of THAT...

Over on the Yahoo! NOAAport users group, someone posted pictures
of a scope, and found the DVB-S2 broadcast to be at least 2-3 dB
under the current "legacy" broadcast.

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