[ldm-users] Purdue NEXRAD2 outage next week

Greetings LDMers,

Information only, should not be impactful:
Power and cooling work in our main research data center will take
castor.rcac.purdue.edu offline. It will be shut down early in the
morning (expected around 3 AM EDT) on Tuesday, March 29. If our
temporary cooling is sufficient, it will be restored to service by 5
PM EDT. If we are unable to cool the data center, it will be offline
until as late as 6 PM on March 31.

During this outage, pollux.rcac.purdue.edu will remain up, so properly
configured sites should not see any loss of data. Full details about
this outage can be found at


Ben Cotton
Systems Research Engineer
IT Research Systems
Purdue University

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