Re: [ldm-users] bigbird is down

My first guess, would be to insure that the date/times are correct on each
server. This is one problem that can prevent data from
flowing from one ldm to another.  

If you can ldmping one box to another (test both directions), then in my
experience, you are fully connected to one another. So problems
getting/sending data are an LDM specific issue and not a network connection

Again double check the date on each server, next check the ldmd.log files
when you try to connect and see if there are any connection messages and
look for possible problems, such as a feed type permission issue.


Wright-Weather, LLC

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Our server in California is (well, was, until this morning) fed by bigbird.
I've tried having it feed from our server in Florida which is
functional...the two are connected to each other, the routes are set up, and
a netstat show them as "ESTABLISHED" on 388 to each other, but they're not
exchanging data. 

Baffling, still is that when I run this from the California server that's
not receiving IDS|DDPLUS, even though the permissions and connections are
set up:

notifyme -vxl- -f ANY -h -o 3600 starts to receive the IDS|DDPLUS data.  I've no idea what I've done
wrong here.  The networking/Linux/LDM guru is on holiday break here.  The
Florida server is allowing ANY to our California server.  The California
server is requesting IDS|DDPLUS.  They're both connected, but no data is
going back and forth.  There's also no immediate discernable cause in the
log, either.

If anyone can help me with that issue, maybe something I've missed (checked
routes, iptables, hosts, firewall, etc) I would be grateful.  

Also, if anyone can temporarily lend an ALLOW entry for IDS|DDPLUS for our
California server in the mean-time, I would also appreciate it.  We'd be
happy to reciprocate from the Florida server if you like.


Blair Trosper

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Subject: [ldm-users] bigbird is down

We're investigating a failure from this afternoon. With me
out of town and my sys admin still a bit tentative about LDM, we're working
in tandem. Let's say, also, that the timing could have been better.  Please
consider using failover sites, including for the time

No Estimated Time of Repair can be provided at this point.

Merry Christmas!

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