Re: [ldm-users] bigbird is down

On Fri, 25 Dec 2009, Gerald Creager wrote:

We're investigating a failure from this afternoon. With me out of town and my sys admin still a bit tentative about LDM, we're working in tandem. Let's say, also, that the timing could have been better. Please consider using failover sites, including for the time being.

No Estimated Time of Repair can be provided at this point.

Merry Christmas!

Even though we're getting an unexpected 6"-10" of snow here today,
my snow cover on my dish is doing me proud. All ice is off the power lines, and commercial power is stable now. Anyone needing a feed, I can help out...just shoot me an email.

Some people around me lost power for 3 days with the ice storm we had. A few folks up in Rockford, IL are still out; crews from other utility companies in Iowa and Wisconsin have been called in to help out.

Anyway, I'm hoping Gerry and friends get back on their feet soon...been there, done that.

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