Re: [ldm-users] Why did PNSDMX end up in HDS feedtype ?

On Mon, 12 Oct 2009, Daryl Herzmann sed:


Curiosity gets the best of this cat sometimes and I was wondering if somebody could explain why the attached Public Information Statement (PNS) ended up in the HDS feedtype instead of the DDPLUS|IDS ?

Oct 12 17:57:55 pqcat INFO: 1667 20091012174152.160 HDS 7666213 NOUS43 KDMX 121741 CCA /pPNSDMX

I know, I could just convert everything I do to use the WMO feedtype to keep my scripts from missing stuff... I guess at the end of the day, I am just lazy and wish to simply request all of IDS|DDPLUS instead of all of WMO and then having to make complex regular expressions to grab specific products I wish from WMO.

PS.  Probably to answer my own question, the product contained 'special'
     characters and was switched to the binary product feedtype since
     it didn't pass the 'ascii' test?

Yep, it's the latter. Is this an LDM problem or is it an AWIPS/NWS problem? If it's LDM, can the test be changed so that these can come through? I'm also guessing the NWS should know about this as well.

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