[ldm-users] 20090810: CONDUIT outage update


The cause of the GFS outage the IDD CONDUIT datasetream that was
reported by many of you to the ldm-users@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx email list
has apparently been found and fixed.  We will monitor the CONDUIT
datastream content throughout the day to verify that the problem that
was fixed has returned the datastream back to normal.


In the future, please report any abnormalities you see in the CONDUIT
datastream to the conduit@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx email list.  Since several
folks that have the capacity to initiate investigations into datastream
problems are subscribed to that list, problems are likely to be
resolved much quicker than when problems are reported to the
ldm-users@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx list.  Thanks in advance for your help
in this!

We apologize for the data outage...


Tom Yoksas
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