Re: [ldm-users] behavior ldm-6.8.0

James Murakami wrote:
> I just installed the latest version of the ldm, and it seems to be
> running fine so far.
> However, when I invoke it to start, it takes a lot longer to initiate
> than previous
> versions had done(over a minute).

If the hang-up is due to ntpdate(1) timeout-out trying to connect to
time servers, then you should consider setting the variable
$ntpdate_timeout to a smaller value in the ldmadmin(1)
configuration-file (etc/ldmadmin-pl.conf).

You should be able to verify if ntpdate(1) timeouts are the problem by
repeatedly executing the command "ldmadmin checktime".  The order in
which the time-servers are accessed is random, so you'll have to execute
the command many times to get a feel for it.

> Also, I have to type "<Ctrl> C"  twice
> if I want
> to end the "ldmadmin watch" command(similarly for the "tail" option).
> Before one
> <Ctrl> C was enough.

I've seen that only when the CPU is very, very busy.  The new features
in the LDM should not be the cause.

Steve Emmerson

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