Re: [ldm-users] 20090704: Level 2 radar issues from NWS CRH

On Sat, 4 Jul 2009, Gerry Creager wrote:

I think I could support a sanity check for a decent NTP server, and argue infavor of a server check. If not NIST, then to something that's no worse than a Stratum 2 time server. I'd make it a big, ugly warning (and not fail out), and see if we couldn't build some improved performance.

Agree. I'm a Stratum 2 on my campus, and all is well. Not looking for millisecond accuracy here...but would. Why I am suggesting this at all? Gerry nails it to the wall and staples it:

Time stamping on Level II data's been a problem since the first days it was introduced in this current networking format. I hoped it'd get better and have lobbied for the few additional checks it'd take, but it's not gotten better.

Correct. If NOAA/NWS are not willing to use an outside time server, then they need to maintain a time server within it.
All of us on the IDD do that relay data.

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