Re: [ldm-users] Level 2 radar issues from NWS CRH

So here's a followup to the previous message...

I chatted with Pat Finnegan, who runs and, Purdue's top-tier machines.  Based on the rtstats data, 
castor seems to be the only one with problems.  Pat has switched castor to feed 
from pollux instead of from the NWS.  This seems to have cleared up the latency 
problem.  Pat mentioned he's been trying to get CR to open up the firewall for 
a new machine (, but it has not been done yet.  So my 
hypothesis is perhaps the CR firewall is doing funny things to packets destined 
for  I'm not sure what those funny things might be, but 
it at least fits the situation.

So I guess the plan for now is to let pollux do all of the ingest from the NWS 
and then both pollux and castor will serve the data to downstream sites.  I 
won't speak for Pat as to how long this arrangement might last, but everyone 
should be getting their data on time now.

Ben Cotton
Unix System Administrator
Department of Earth and
  Atmospheric Sciences
Purdue University

CIVL 4212
O: 765 49-61546
C: 765 404-7986

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