Re: [ldm-users] Level 2 radar issues from NWS CRH

Thanks, Ben, for the legwork. Keep checking...I have a hunch someone's clock is off and they're spitting out a duplicate and late feed, or there's bad latency somewhere. I can't check UNIDATA's latency graphs because they are down right now with "500" errors on their website:

Then click on "NEXRAD2" and wait forever for the 500/misconfiguration error to show.

So here's a request for LDM-6.7.2 and all future versions: That upon an ldmadmin start, by default (though it can be turned off, in, say ldmadmin-pl.conf, with a stern warning that this is a bad idea, but can accomodate those having serious issues that they cannot rectify at the time), it pings a NIST time server(s). If the server clock is off more than 10 seconds, the LDM aborts and returns with a message that your clock is X hours, minutes and seconds off, and needs to be adjusted. Additionally, as a secondary option, it should check once a day at a time you determine that it is less than 10 seconds (or under a minute) off. If it is, the LDM can fire off an email message to root (or other user(s)), letting you know the problem. I'll be happy to test it. A commercial group of radar-display programs will exit with an error message if your clock is off by 10 seconds or more. I really like that, too. If your radar images or data are being delayed by clocks that are off, that's a very bad thing(tm).

There's no excuse not to run NTP on *nix, or do an "ntpdate" in crontab once or twice a day if you are running an LDM or display software.

Also, let me be clear: I am not saying that *this* is the problem we're seeing, but it would help make this issue easier to solve.

Back to your regularly scheduled panic attack, already in progress.

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