[ldm-users] understanding the PIPE action

I am attempting to get a hold of the PIPE action in LDM.
here is what I have as a test in my pqact.conf
DDPLUS[tab] ^.*/pSVR
and the test.sh script
php /usr/local/ldm/decoders/test.php "$1"

just testing this, the php script is a simple mailer to me,
but what I eventually want to do is have LDM PIPE the file's
directly to my scripts, instead if my script getting the trigger from LDM
and then having to get the new file themselves ..

oh and the mailer does mail out to me when a new Severe Thunderstorm Warning
is issued, but the mail is blank, so either I'm not understanding,
or it won't do what I was hoping.

If I do a (SVR) and \1 after test.sh the mail does come thru as SVR in the
body, so my set up of the agrv settings are working, but the full text
isnot making it ..

Jeff Lake 

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