[ldm-users] Level II pqact entry

Hello LDMers,

I recall a while back needing to make a change to pqact.conf to accommodate
a change in the way Level II data is named with Build 10.  I made a change
back in July 2008 suggested by Gerry Creager.  Here's my pqact.conf entry
for Level II data:

        FILE    data/gempak/nexrad/craft/\1/\1_\2_\3

(forgive the mail client for mangling the formatting just trust that it is
right).  So these days, I'm getting the files, but something seems amiss
with them.  Specifically, Gempak, WXP, and IDV all refuse to believe that
the file is Level II data.  Did I miss a memo somewhere along the line?

A sample file is at


Ben Cotton
Unix Systems Administrator
Department of Earth and
  Atmospheric Sciences
Purdue University

CIVL 4212
O: 765-49-61546
C: 765-404-7986

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