Re: [ldm-users] LDM log message

On Tue, 2 Jun 2009, Michael E Masscotte wrote:

Does anyone know what the following means in the ldm log file?:

pqact[1417] WARN: Processed oldest product in queue: 1468.15 s

I've seen it a few times and don't quite understand what that message is trying to say and looking in the source didn't reveal much...

Hi Mike,

It means that you need a bigger queue or you need to split your pqact.conf file up into smaller chunks. pqact keeps a pointer in the LDM queue as it fills up. A single pqact can only process 32 things at a time, so if your disk slows down or ingestors slow down, pqact may start getting behind. The warning message means that the pqact pointer into the queue processed the oldest file in the queue, which is not good. You want it up at the front processing products immediately as they enter the queue.

Since pqact is at the oldest product, it may get bumped ahead in the queue to 'catch up' and thus miss products IIRC...

The answer is to look into splitting pqact.conf up into smaller files and then invoking multiple pqact's in ldmd.conf like so:

EXEC    "pqact etc/pqact.conf"
EXEC    "pqact etc/pqact-afos.conf"
EXEC    "pqact pyWWA/pqact.conf"


 * Daryl Herzmann
 * Assistant Scientist -- Iowa Environmental Mesonet

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