[ldm-users] UAlbany LDM server cascade.atmos.albany.edu online . . .

Hi all,

cascade.atmos.albany.edu is now our operational LDM server for all feedtypes except for NLDN. Downstream hosts who were previously requesting feeds from gusher.atmos.albany.edu should switch to cascade now.

For those University sites that feed our NLDN from striker2.atmos.albany.edu, that has not changed.

Please let us know of any problems . . .

Thanks to our upstream hosts for allowing cascade!


Kevin Tyle, Systems Administrator               **********************
Dept. of Atmospheric & Environmental Sciences   ktyle@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
University at Albany, ES-235                    518-442-4578 (voice)
1400 Washington Avenue                          518-442-5825 (fax)
Albany, NY 12222                                **********************

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