[ldm-users] 20090329: Help !!

HI Jeff,

re: LDM won't start

What errors are listed in your ~ldm/logs/ldmd.log file?



>I am at a loss,
>I added a few more lines to my pqact.conf to capture and split the new 
>LAMPGFS Products
>did the normal
># ldmadmin restart
>it went thru the normal prints..
>as I always do after a re-start I always do
># ldmadmin watch
>but to my surprise I was told there was no ldm running ??
>so here I ran
># ldmadmin stop
># ldmadmin clean
>to get rid of the pid file
>here is a copy/paste of a cold start up
>ldm@server1 [~]# ldmadmin start
>The product-queue is OK.
>Checking pqact(1) configuration-file(s)...
>    /usr/local/ldm/etc/pqact.conf: syntactically correct
>Checking LDM configuration-file (/usr/local/ldm/etc/ldmd.conf)...
>Starting the LDM server...
>ldm@server1 [~]# ldmadmin watch
>Mar 29 09:28:10 UTC feeds3.michiganwxsystem.net : There is no LDM server 
>ldm@server1 [~]#
>anybody seen this before ??
>it has me baffled, what was a quick, or so I thought,
>addition before I went to bed has me now bald and over tired..
>it will be probably close to 18z before I can respond
>-Jeff Lake

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