Re: [ldm-users] Data outage/interruptions this morning/early afternoon?

On Wed, 18 Mar 2009, Gilbert Sebenste wrote:

Hello all,

I noticed that my radar mosaics were "blinking on and off" with various radar sites going down, and on one frame, they all went out around 15:30Z. Anyone notice any data anomalies? When the frame went out, I checked my receiver and I had a strong signal...

Oh, something is happening, all right. Look at my receiver stats for this today:

Now look at UNIDATA's...

Something is going on, and at least the NEXRAD feed is affected.

And now, at 22:20Z and thereafter, I am seeing a LOT of missing NEXRAD products again.

22:40Z: I just called NCF at the NWS. They said this was the first they had heard of it.

22:58Z: They found the problem as it was occurring when I called, and fixed it. Everything should now fine now.

3:30Z: Didn't get a chance to send this earlier. Sorry.

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