Re: [ldm-users] LDM is not writing

Thanks Mike ..
I dug deep for about an hour after I sent the message, and noticed the pqact 
entries were working
upto a new line I added last night to PIPE the HWO statements to a script to 
split them by zone.
It works with no complaints when I run the script from command line,
but kills anything that comes after it in the pqact.conf ....
so will have to look this over some more ..


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Check your processes and make sure pqact is running. If it is not, that is
where you problem lies.

Wright-Weather, LLC

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Just noticed as of 3z 15FEB one of my LDM installs is not saving the files
I have it watching for.
I deleted the queue, remade it, and even went as far as re-building LDM,
nada, nothing in the logs.

anybody got any idea's where to look ??

Jeff Lake
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