Re: [ldm-users] Initial thoughts on CentOS 5.2

Dennis Atanassov wrote:
Hello all,

We prefer to use an automated method to install Centos (Kickstart Installations).

Here is the link to Kickstart documentations:


* *

You can setup how you want to disks will be partitioned, setup network, you can select which packages to install or not to install and the best thing is in post section you can add users, install rpms and even compile and install packages ( we’ve done it with ldm).

The only thing you need is an access to web or ftp server where you put that kickstart config file and your custom packages (like ldm, rpms or config files).

You can use kickstart file created automatically by anaconda (/root/anaconda-ks.cfg ) as start kickstart config file and modify it.

The list of packages and group of packages can be found in CentOS DVD (\CentOS\base\comps.xml).

Kickstart is really the way to go, even if you don't go all the way. I still boot off the install CDROM, but then give it the location of the ks.cfg file (on a web server) that in turn tells it where to get the RPMs (also via the web server). I could create a USB key to do the same, but the CD is fine. I could setup DHCP to make it really automated, but adding the command-line args is fine.

This is all with RHEL, so far, mind you, but CentOS == RHEL.

I still need to tweak my ks.cfg to eliminate some more things that I now do manually, but it's still a big time-saver.

Peter Laws / N5UWY
National Weather Center / Network Operations Center
University of Oklahoma Information Technology
Feedback? Contact my director, Craig Cochell, craigc@xxxxxx. Thank you!

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