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On Sun, 30 Nov 2008, Gilbert Sebenste wrote:

Our Cogent and Internet2 lines at NIU have both been knocked off the air due to a major problem. I have no time of restoral. It has been down since about 21:30Z, but didn't notice a thing because we have our own NOAAport feed off the was getting through...and it was only until I tried to plot Level 2 data that I realized we were down. I'll keep everyone updated as I learn more. Our 1 remaining connection, called Illinois Century Network (ICN), is 85 megabits/second and is saturated to the hilt.

Well, here's an update. Our Internet2 and our 600 mb/sec commodity Internet connections have been down since 4Z Thursday (late Wednesday evening). But, since the NIU students went home, nobody noticed anything because the 80 mb/sec line easily handled my IDD relay and Internet 2 traffic and that of the 500 students still on campus. Now, they're all coming back, and they're grinding the remaining 80 mb/sec line to a halt. I am barely getting 1200 baud here as I type this. Because communications is critical to NIU in major situations, people are being called in to fix the issue ASAP. You'll be the first to know if you watch the network usage page:

When Cogent (600 mb/sec) and Internet 2 (2 GB/sec) come back up, so will I. All NOAAport data here is still coming in fine, but I'm guessing all of you have backups since I have had no complaints. Your LDM's will flip back to my feed (for those who feed off of me) when I come back up.

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