[ldm-users] LDM 6.7.0 released

Dear LDM user,

Version 6.7.0 of the LDM is now officially released.  The attachment to
this email describes the changes from the previous version (6.6.5) to
this version.

The LDM home-page is <http://www.unidata.ucar.edu/software/ldm/>.

The LDM download page is

Please contact <support-ldm@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> if you have any questions.

Steve Emmerson
LDM Developer
6.7.0   (was 2008-10-09
            Added rpcgen(1) output to distribution (e.g., ldm6_clnt.c,
            ldm_xdr.c) and removed unconditional use of rpcgen(1) from
            makefiles.  This was done because rpcgen(1) on a Mac OS/X
            10.5.1 (Darwin 9.1.1) system generates output that's
            incompatible with the "rpc" subpackage.

            Slightly modified the configure(1) script to work around
            non-standard tr(1) utilities.

            Added the typedef "prod_class_t" to the header-file "ldm.h"
            and changed all code and documentation to use it instead of
            the typedef "prod_class".  This was done to allow "ldm.h" to
            be processed by a C++ compiler.  The typedef "prod_class"
            still exists for backward compatibility -- though it is no
            longer used in the code.  Both C and C++ programmers should
            now use "prod_class_t" instead of "prod_class".

            Added "typedef" for "rpc_inline_t" to "rpc/types.h" to
            support output of rpcgen(1) on SunOS 5.11 systems.

            Ported to Fedora 8.  The log file of the system log daemon
            is "/var/run/rsyslogd.pid".

            Ported to Darwin 9: corrected misdefinition of OPEN_MAX as
            10240 by ensuring that the XOPEN_SOURCE and
            XOPEN_SOURCE_EXTENDED macros are defined on that platform.

            Changed the primary name of the FT27 feedtype from "NNEXRAD"
            to "NEXRAD3" to accomodate such data regardless of source.
            "NNEXRAD" is an understood alias for that feedtype.

            Added checking of LDM configuration-file syntax to "start"

            Modified the "pqactcheck" command.  By default, it now
            checks the syntax of every pqact(1) configuration-file that
            is associated with an EXEC entry for pqact(1) in the LDM
            configuration-file.  LDM configuration-file entries like
            "EXEC pqact -f CONDUIT" (i.e., with options but with no
            explicit configuration-file) are correctly handled.

            Changed the default size of the product-queue from 400
            megabytes to 500 megabytes.

            Changed setting of PATH environment variable in ldmadmin(1)
            script to use $bin_path and $PATH only.

            Added initialization of local variables to functions in the
            ldmadmin(1) script to accomodate Perl interpreters that no
            longer perform default initialization.

        rpc.ldmd(1) (LDM server): 
            Adapted parsing of timestamps in .*.info files to Darwin 9.1.1: 
            replaced use of strptime() with sscanf() (strptime() conversion
            specification must be separated by non-alphanumeric characters).

            Made each decoder its own process-group leader.  This should
            improve the performance of decoders like GEMPAK's

            Added "-metadata" and "-nodata" options to the PIPE action
            of pqact(1).

            Changed behavior if a corrupt state-file is read.  Before,
            the process would exit.  Now, it continues with the most
            recent data-product (same as if the state-file didn't

            Adapted pqsurf(1) to handle multiple BOYC reports in
            composite SHIP bulletins.

            Added code to the parser of feedtype expressions to prevent
            an infinite loop upon encountering two consecutive UNION (|)

            Removed retry attempt from write-locking fcntl() call in
            file "pq/pq.c" because only fatal signals could occur.

            Improved some log messages.

            Slightly improved rtstats(1) man-page.
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