Re: [ldm-users] Contingency planning for Hurricane Ike

Jeffrey Lake - Admin wrote:
Good point Gerry didn't even think of that ..
anybody want to provide backup service for me for the weekend ..
DDPLUS on 2 servers
HDS on one
NEXRAD2 on another

I have capacity here at UW-Madison, I can provide a backup for you and anyone else needing one.

You'll be feeding from (

Let me know what host/IP's to allow.


Thanks in advance
-Jeff Lake

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Subject: [ldm-users] Contingency planning for Hurricane Ike


If you're feeding from Bigbird or Sasquatch, please plan to have
alternates available over the weekend.  Although we do not anticipate
losing power and backup power, these things have happened before.

For those of you who haven't taken notice, NCH is prog'ing a landfall
due south of my site by about 100 miles.  The degree of recurve after
landfall is subject to some conjecture.  I'm anticipating we'll see 60+
kt sustained winds and 80 kt or so gusts, which is somewhat higher than
this area's used to.  I expect downed trees and power lines, and given
the history of our power system, I expect some power failures.  If we
stay up, there's no guarantee other areas of campus will, as we're
pretty widely dispersed,

See you on the other side...


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