Re: [ldm-users] Printing from Gempak

The postscript driver in gempak rounds up to the following sizes:
Roll2: 42.5 x 32.5"
Roll1: 32.5 x 20.5"
Tabloid: 17 x 11"
Letter: 11 x 8.5"

These are defined in

It isn't hard to add other sizes to these routines.
I needed a custom size once and modified the code.  I
still don't know why someone went
to the trouble of limiting the choice of sizes.  The pixel
drivers all let you make an image any size you wish.

Rodrigo de Souza Barreto Mathias wrote:
Good Evening!
I'm Rodrigo, from Brazil, and I wanna know how to print the outputs of Gempak, like outputs models or only maps, in a big size... in the format A0. The defauts of Gempak are 8,5x11 and 11x17, that are very small for what I want to do!! So, I want to know if somebody knows about that and could help me, please!! Thanks a lot!! RODRIGO DE SOUZA BARRETO MATHIAS
rodrigowind.meteoro@xxxxxxxxx <mailto:rodrigowind.meteoro@xxxxxxxxx>
rodrigowind@xxxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:rodrigowind@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

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