Re: [ldm-users] Problems with ldm and new Super Res sites

Hi Patrick,

Hi all,

I seem to be having some problems downloading data via ldm from the new
Super Res sites.  Unfortunately, a person who has moved on set up our
LDM infrastructure, and I don't have a very thorough understanding of
all of the bits of it.

All of the "Super Res" sites are downloading their data, and either the
files are not completely downloading, or are not properly getting
renamed after they download... For example, an ls -ga of KABR's
directory looks like this:

-rw-------   1 ldm      1266789 Jul  4 17:08 .KABR_20080704_2059
-rw-------   1 ldm      1266485 Jul  4 17:18 .KABR_20080704_2108
-rw-------   1 ldm      1266864 Jul  4 17:27 .KABR_20080704_2118
-rw-------   1 ldm      1262873 Jul  4 17:36 .KABR_20080704_2127
-rw-------   1 ldm      1262526 Jul  4 17:46 .KABR_20080704_2136
-rw-------   1 ldm      1260206 Jul  4 17:55 .KABR_20080704_2146
I tried upgrading ldm to the newest version (6.6.5), keeping the same
configuration files as before, but it didn't help any.

Does anyone here have any idea what could be wrong, or what else I could
look at?

Thanks much,

Yep, sounds like a pqact entry got commented out. Do you have GEMPAK on that machine? If so, look for an entry in your GEMPAK pqact file like this, and uncomment it:

# Done to move file after last record is received "/E" to prevent
# autoupdate from seeing partially received files (dccraft_move is a shell # script copied from $NAWIPS/bin/scripts)
#####EXEC       decoders/dccraft_move data/gempak/nexrad/craft/\1/.\1_\2_\3 

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