[ldm-users] GFS GRID 212 on NWS/NCEP ftp servers?

I need a backup for some model data that is on NOAAport, and I cannot seem to 
find it on tgftp or ftpprd.  What I am looking for is this:

# Grid #212 CONUS 40km: ^[LM].R... KWBC

I just need the raw grib files that I can download and then decode into GEMPAK 

I know what you are thinking, why doesn't he just use the 1 deg or 0.5 deg 
GFS..the problem is neither have the 825mb forecast level like the 212 grid 
does.  That level is critical for us when we are working here in New Mexico.

Until we get our single T-1 upgraded out here (maybe next year) the IDD just 
isn't feasible.

Robert Mullenax


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