Re: [ldm-users] Those with direct satellite feeds of NOAAport...

On Wed, 14 May 2008, Lucas Sheehan wrote:

Though I understand the desire not to interrupt or cause undue noise
but shouldn't the replies be online?  At the very least for prosperity
sake, searches of archives might return this and its hopeful solution
threads in the future to someone with a similar problem and help them
without duplication of effort.  It just seems to go against the idea
of the listserve in my opinion.

With only about 10 or so people directly affected, I thought it would be best to ask those off-list. You do have a point, though, especially for people who might want to think about doing it (if you have an abandonded 10' or 12' diameter dish on campus, why, it works just fine if it's still in decent condition!).

And to make it clear, my data capture rate is around 99.9%...I just want it to be perfect by tweaking it.

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