[ldm-users] NCEP/NCO comments on LDM replacement

Dear Steve,

Here at NCEP/NCO, we've been following with great interest the discussion thread and user responses related to your proposal to develop a replacement for the LDM. While we understand that it's always important to look ahead and plan for the future, we nonetheless share the concerns of many of your other users. We use the LDM extensively in our operational environment, and it has worked very well for us. So while we recognize that there may be some aspects of the design that could be improved, we would be leery of a wholesale replacement for the existing system. We have several other big issues coming up over the next couple of years, including moving to a new building as well as upgrading our central computer system, so we would strongly prefer to not also have to modify our entire data flow architecture for a new software package. To the credit of you and the rest of the Unidata team, the LDM has been a very stable, reliable and dependable system for many years, so from our perspective we don't really see a need to do away with it.

Jeff Ator and Scott Jacobs
NOAA National Weather Service
NCEP Central Operations

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