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    No problems with going virtual using Vmware's ESX version!  Just have
not tried it on their other products.  Vmware Server is FREE and I suggest
EVERYONE look into going Vmware virtual were applicable.  I am still scared
of XEN although a company called Virtual Iron has made a lot of headway from
what I hear. 

Two main things I can think of to mention:

1) You might have to work a bit to get proper time.  But it is doable, you
will get many, many hits on keeping time and Vmware via Google.  (I am
running vmtools w/ time sync to host & ntp)

2)  I have seen cases where take snapshots of the VM cause problems.
Nothing consistent.  

    Of course you can see many other gains with going virtual to include
ease of administration and overall operation cost do to consolidation
abilities.  If you go with one of Vmwares Enterprise Solutions (SAN
required) you really start to see the benefits of virtualization with
features such as Vmotion/SVmotion and DRS.   I could go on for days... 

Tony Westenhofer
Virtualization Fanatic

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I'm considering an experiment to run LDM on a virtual machine 
(Xen/CentOS 5).  Anyone done this?  Did it work?  Fail miserably?  What 
sorts of memory and ldm.pq sizes did you use?

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