[ldm-users] GEMPAK (NAWIPS) replacement

With my apologies to the non-GEMPAK users on the LDM users list, there was a 
bit of talk recently about the replacement of GEMPAK with a Java-based AWIPS 
II.  Gary Lackman, Chair of the Unidata Users Committee, sent an e-mail 
announcement concerning the Unidata User Committe meeting in April.  Contained 
in that e-mail he referenced a link to the Users Committee status report:


Contained in that link are PDF of presentations given by Jason Tuell, NWS and 
Scott Jacobs, NCEP:


I recommend you check out these presentations for more info on the 
GEMPAK(NAWIPS) replacement.

Thanks to the Unidata User Committee for the updates.

Robert Mullenax
CSBF Meteorology

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