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Fire department and everything. Building smelled like dead computer for over 2 weeks. The smoke was too thick for me to identify the device; the FD did with a combination of thermal imaging and then getting right down next to it. It was well and truly impressive.

Forensics: Manufacturing defect in the SATA backplane circuit board. A multilayer board, one of the holes near power and ground was too large and thermal stress led to a short and fire. I've got pictures. I'll endeavor to get them transferred to a site for viewing later today.

The vendor, CoRAID, had a replacement shelf out the next day. They're giving me credit for all the drives toward larger (moving from 400GB to 1TB) drives at full replacement value. They've been great to work with. Their response was almost instantaneous when I e-mailed them with the news. Couldn't ask for more.

I was able to get 14 of 15 drives to spin up after digging molten plastic from in and around the connectors. One nasn't spun up. I'm working on the RAID construction process to reestablish the data and make sure we'd really recently backed it off.

I think we dodged a bullet on this one.

We are moving from all RAID5 to all RAID6. I already have 4 RAID6 shelves and that's saved me from embarrassment several times in the last year. Two-fault tolerance is a wonderful thing...


Gilbert Sebenste wrote:
On Mon, 24 Mar 2008, Neil Smith wrote:

Atta boy Gerry. Never hurst to be thorough.

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Gerry Creager wrote:
No, but I recently burned a 4TB RAID shelf to the ground...

Whoa. Dude. You're my hero.

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