[ldm-users] 20080318: LDM and duplicate product rejection

Hi Min,

>I was hoping LDM should de-dup identical NWS text bulletins but does not
>look like. I am attaching 2 bulletins which are very identical and it
>came through LDM.

As a follow-on to the reference Patrick provided earlier (a response
by Steve Chiswell (Chiz) to a user's inquiry), I can add:

- the LDM will reject identical products _if_ the original is still
  in the LDM queue

- products are considered identical _if_ their MD5 signatures are the

If you can catch an instance where you have received what you believe
to be an identical duplicate of a product, you should run the LDM
'pqcat' utility to list out the original product's and its identical
twin's MD5 signatures:

<as 'ldm'>
pqcat -vxl- -f <feedtype> -p 'product ID matching regular expression' > 

The listing of the product(s) whose IDs match the '-p' regular expression
will contain the MD5 signatures for the product(s).  Comparisons of the
MD5 signatures should show that the products are different even though
the text looks the same.


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