[ldm-users] Weatherx.admin.niu.edu informational notice...

Weatherx.admin.niu.edu, and all of niu.edu will be down between 11Z and 12Z tomorrow morning for less than an hour for edge router maintenance. If you have backup sites, no worries. if you don't, data will be queued for you and sent when we come back up.

Also, our machines are now on LDM, which really fixes the LDM on my Fedora 8 box, and a bunch of other bugfixes as well.

Gilbert Sebenste                                                     ********
(My opinions only!)                                                  ******
Staff Meteorologist, Northern Illinois University                      ****
E-mail: sebenste@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx                                  ***
web: http://weather.admin.niu.edu                                      **

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