Re: [ldm-users] syslog woes in configuration script

Editing the configure script is OK for a temporary work-around but for
the formal release you should update the aclocal.m4 so that the
configure script can be rebuilt using "autoreconf -vi".  When I tried
this several other needed m4 scripts were missing.  These should also be
distributed so that the configure script can be properly built. 

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Solving ldm syslog/rsyslog issues requires simply replacing "syslog" 
with "rsyslog" references in the configure script then building ldm from
source.  Exchanging syslog with rsyslog system-wide will give you many
more issues, of course.

In my copy of the configure script the references look like this:

elif test -f /var/run/; then
        cat >>confdefs.h <<\_ACEOF
#define SYSLOG_PIDFILE "/var/run/"

As I recall there are two places at about the 5800 ff line area.

Michael Allen
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