[ldm-users] GFS MOS GRIB Data

Goodmorning LDMers..

Can someone that has the HRS feed type check and see if
the following GFS MOS Grib files are there

LJUxii   KWBQ  (6hr thunderstorm forecast)
LLUxii  KWBQ  (6hr preciptype)
LSUxii  KWBQ  (24hr snowfall)

I had HDS added to my feeds expecting them to be there along with
the SPC GRIB data, but it seems every model output but the GFS MOS is
on the HDS.

After spending 3 hours today looking on the NOAA sites.
The link on UNIDATA returns a 404 error
I was able to find a list that is available in the HDS feed
but haven't found HRS.

If its in HRS, guess I'll be adding another type..

-Jeff Lake

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