Re: [ldm-users] Running your LDM queues out of memory really helps!

The one thing which I'm more concerned about which is why I changed over
is the amount of I/O that occurs on that queue file.  Also the machines
which are doing this aren't just relays, they are processing the data
feeds.  You are right though, the cost is an issue, but i'd rather go for
the SAS drives instead of a SATA, IMHO.  But on my systems here at COD,
the issues which I started running into was disk I/O and system load and
how much of a backup that occured, especially when people are accessing
site pages on the same RAID array.  Anyways memory isn't an issue when it
comes to the new servers which we are purchasing which are going to be 32
gig a piece.  
Side note you are right on being a relay needing some type of fallback on
data, But other than cost and the NEED to having a fallback I don't see
much of an issue.  Then again I remake my queue anyways each time I
restart the machine because the only time my servers have gone down is
from a crash and the queue was corrupt anyways.  Just my 2 cents.


True, but we should be comparing them to system memory, not hard drives. 
8 GB of system memory for one of my servers is selling for ~$600 right 
now.  I can buy a RiDATA 32 GB SATA SSD for ~$680, which is ~ 1/4 the 
price/GB for my server.  Depending on your server and its memory costs, 
SSD could be more expensive, but SSD's are advancing rapidly and I expect 
costs to drop quickly.

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