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The following update is provide for your use and a request to send to your downstream WSR-88D Level II users. I'll also post the update at the "News" button at: http://www.roc.noaa.gov/NWS_Level_2/BuildInfo/b10main.aspx.

Thank you.


Update on WSR-88D Level II Build 10 Changes
25 February 2008

1. Build 10 Beta Test. The dates and locations for the Build 10 Beta Test remain as stated in the 1/31/08 update and shown below. The plan is to load Build 10 software on the Paducah, KY (KPAH) WSR-88D on 4 March, weather and operations permitting. Need for delays due to weather or other factors could lead to an installation date later that week. Watch for Free Text Messages issued by the site (http://weather.noaa.gov/monitor/radar/). When the radar is brought back up on Build 10, the Radar Operations Center Beta Test team plans to operate the radar using Recombined data through the next morning. Then after the radar is taken off line the next morning to execute some tests, the radar will be brought back on line (around noon) and be transmitting Super Resolution data.

Paducah, KY WSR-88D - March 4
Yuma, AZ WSR-88D - March 18
South Kauai, HI WSR-88D - March 19 (no Level II available) Edwards AFB, CA WSR-88D - March 25 (no Level II available) Minneapolis, MN WSR-88D - April 1

2. The Beta Test version of the Build 10 operator training is now available at : http://www.wdtb.noaa.gov/buildTraining/Build10/. Please note that the material must be considered preliminary and will be updated based on comments received during the Build 10 Beta Test/Use period which begins the week of 3 March 2008.

Questions can be addressed to: Tim.D.Crum@xxxxxxxx.

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