[ldm-users] GOES 10 update (service backup for GOES 12 anomaly)

From NESDIS via "weather-satellite-reports" over on yahoo...

On Tuesday December 4, 2007, GOES-12 (GOES-East) experienced an anomaly
in its attitude following a scheduled North-South station keeping
maneuver. Various attempts to restore GOES-12 to normal on-orbit mode
have been unsuccessful. GOES-12 is safe, and is currently positioned in
a power positive sun acquisition mode. More attempts will be made this
evening to return GOES-12 to normal on-orbit mode. At this time, we do
not have an estimated Return to Service for GOES-12.

GOES-10, which is located at 60 degrees West, was taken out of South
American coverage and transitioned to GOES-East routine operations at
15:31 UTC today. Direct Service users should repoint their receive
antennas to 60 Degrees West. It should be noted that users with fixed
anetnnas may have problems following the inclination of GOES-10, which
is now around 2 degrees. It should also be noted the changes in the
imager between GOES-10 and GOES-12:

GOES-12: 13.3 micron channel at 8 km and 6.7 Water Vapor channel at 4 km
GOES-10: 12 micron channel at 4 km and 6.7 Water Vapor channel at 8 km

The change in sub-point between GOES-12 (at 75 West) and GOES-10 (at 60
West) will cause changes in the geolocation of certain imager and
sounder sectors. CONUS and Northern Hemisphere images and CONUS sounder
scans will be shifted to the east.

Users without tracking antennas can pull GOES-10 data via McIDAS ADDE
from NESDIS Environmental Satellite Processing Center: Dataset GER,
address gsp1.ssd.nesdis.noaa.gov We are also hosting data on our public
ADDE server at dataset PUB, address gp16.ssd.nesdis.noaa.gov

Services such as SARSAT, EMWIN, and DCS should refer to messages
broadcast from LRIT@xxxxxxxx.

GOES-10 orbital elements and telemetry can be obtained via the NOAASIS
website at: http://noaasis.noaa.gov/NOAASIS/

NESDIS engineers are also working on procedures to bring GOES-13 out of
storage and into on-orbit mode.

GOES-10 should have Rapid Scan capability by Thursday, December 6.

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