Re: [ldm-users] Missing Data Using Primary/Alternate Hosts


What version of LDM are you running? Since v6.x, the 'PRIMARY|ALTERNATE' construct is not needed and identical feeds are going to fail over between the 2 servers (kitty, hawk) that have the identical requests. One thing you're likely to see if kitty and hawk are co-located is that they'll swap around a lot. That shouldn't cause problems, though.

For the sake, of testing, why don't you mod your ldmd.conf to remove the 'PRIMARY' and 'ALTERNATE' associated with the CLG/VIS analysis files and restart LDM. You might also want to turn verbose logging on, and possibly create a separate pqact instance for the NCV files, at least for troubleshooting.


Shelly Knight wrote:

We currently have 2 project machines (kitty and hawk) running an ldm and
ingesting data from our divisions' main ldm server (awl). Kitty and hawk
then feed about 5-6 project machines.

We'd like kitty and hawk to serve as primary and alternate feeds, so I
have the ldmd.conf file setup like this on the project's downstream hosts:

request EXP     "^([0-9]{12})_NCV_"
request EXP     "^([0-9]{12})_NCV_"

For this particular dataset, we should be receiving files every 5
minutes. When I have it setup as a primary and alternate feed, the data
comes in sporadically, but roughly every 10 minutes. If I remove one
host, we receive the data every 5 minutes.

What am I doing wrong in my config file? I've attached a copy of the
whole file for you.


Shelly Knight
ADDS Development Team


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