Re: [ldm-users] Best linux file system for data on large raid5 array?

We tried, and abandoned, reiserfs a long time ago. We've been playing with some of the proprietary large array FS's, but mostly used xfs. Overall, I'd say it's worked pretty well. I'm considering a run at the open source version of gpfs, and zfs _does_ look attractive.

One thought though: We've started migrating all of our RAID from RAID5 to RAID6. We've seen one too many multi-drive failures to be satisfied with RAID5 anymore.

Arthur A. Person wrote:

I've read good things about Sun's zfs... doesn't ever have to be fsck'd which, to me, is the scariest thing about n-TB systems. I'm getting ready to try one of these in real life so I can't say anything about it from experience. It's downside might be that it's proprietary (you have to run Solaris) and it seems to want to run its own software raid... I don't know whether it would make sense to run it on top of a hardware raid system or not.


On Mon, 8 Oct 2007, Pete Pokrandt wrote:


What filesystem type are people using for data storage on linux?

I have a 5+ Tb archive that's sitting on a hardware raid5, using
reiserfs (Reiserfsprogs-3.6.19 on CentOS), and just recently I started
getting hard machine crashes when trying to write to that file system. I
did a reiserfsck --rebuild-tree on it (since a -check reported that I
needed to) and now about 1/5 of the data that was on it is either gone
or in the lost+found directory named with inode names.

This is the second time now that I've had a reiserfs file system go
kablooey on me.

I'm considering toasting the whole thing and rebuilding with a different
file system type, but I'm not sure what is most reliable/best
performance for this kind of usage. It's a combination of lots of large
files (i.e. GRIB/GRIB2 model data files and gempak of the same) and also
lots of smaller files, i.e. nexrad level 3, lots of small files in a
bunch of directories.

I've read that ext3 (linux default) is extremely stable but can be slow.
Other choices would be jfs, xfs, others??

Any suggestions or experiences would be appreciated.



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